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Space Kingdom Release! February 27th, 2021

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Mar 31, 2020
Space Kingdom

Releases Saturday, February 27th @ 2PM EST.

Find out what time release is for you here.

Here is the list of changes we made after the last map.
Space Kingdom Changelog:

- Bow Boosting now works.
- Updated factions and added grace countdown to scoreboard.
- Updated genbuckets. Added new gens and improved GUI.
- You can mine/place blocks when holding routpost.
- Improved KoTH scoreboard when a KoTH is active.
- Added raidtimer hook to featherboard.
- Reconfigured the conquest scoreboard. Reduced the amount of capture locations to 2 (Under spawn).
- Changed KoTH summoner lores.
- Updated /events menu.
- Removed AoN keys from monthly crates.
- Removed AoN keys from Master crate.
- Removed AoN keys from Buycraft.
- Removed power info from scoreboard.
- Changed raidtimer scoreboard from Faction: to Target:
- Fixed chat being completely broken.
- Added faction name to tab and tag. Will be in blue.
- Faction names in chat will be relation based. (Green/Own faction - Red/Enemy etc)
- Updated all prefixes.
- Added raidingoutpost aliases: /rpost, /raidingpost. And added direct coords of the chest.
- Disabled roam in RaidingOutpost claims.
- Made entity names pink.
- Removed custom pearl name from enderman drops and collectors and made it regular pearls.
- Changed both regular collector and autosell collector colors for descriptions.
- Optimized CoreProtect.
- Added flyboost prevention. Allowed flyboost aswell.
- Turned off looting for mobs.
- Updated crates to match eco. Removed harvester hoes.
- Made all ranks start with a capital in scoreboard.
- Updated MobCoinShop and made it neater.
- Removed tokens.
- Changed shield times from 12h to 16h.
- Added the players faction role to be aside to their faction name.
- Raised power max per player to 500.
- Updated scoreboard.
- Updated outpost messages.
- Removed announced outpost percentage.
- Changed the blackmarket gui. Balanced it with new eco.
- Updated VoteParty rewards.
- Updated Boss messages.
- Updated chunkbuster color.
- Updated GUIs.
- Changed to Cactus Eco.
- Changed Faction Top hover message colors.

Factions Top:
The season will last indefinitely and the top 3 winners each week will be paid out with the following amount. Only the top 3 F-Top factions will be rewarded.
Map Payouts:

F-Top 1: $75 BuyCraft + Custom Tags For Faction
F-Top 2: $50 BuyCraft + 2nd Place Tags
F-Top 3: $25 BuyCraft + 3rd Place Tags

Map Information:
Wondering what the map rules are or the faction size? Look in the spoiler down below!
Important Map Information:

- Unlimited Factions Size // Roster
- OP Factions
- 5-Day Grace
- 16-Hour Shields
- 3-Second Cannoning / 20 Chunk Buffers
- 1 Ally / 1 Truce
- Cactus / Spawner Eco
- 24 Corners / 6 Worlds
- 50 Alt Limit per faction
- Max player power: 500
- 48-Hour Progressive F-Top
- RaidingOutpost enables on Thursday @ 2pm EST
- 24/7 Outpost
- Hourly WarZone Boss Spawns
- KoTH occurs once every 3 hours
- Conquest occurs every 4-6 hours.

Economy Information:
Having questions about the economy and each mob drops sell price? Read the spoiler below for info!
Important Economy Information:

Cactus: $1,500 Sell Price // $20,000 Buy Price

Spawner Prices:

Enderman Spawner:
Spawner Price: $100,000,000
Drops: Enderpearl

Enderpearl Price: $1,240 Sell Price // $15,000 Buy Price

Iron Golem Spawner:
Spawner Price: $175,000,000
Drops: Iron Ingot

Blaze Rod Price: $2,233.96 Sell Price // $17,500 Buy Price

Zombie Pigman Spawner:
Spawner Price: $250,000,000
Drops: Gold Ingot

TnT Price: $3,288 Sell Price // $20,000 Buy Price

Villager Spawner:
Spawner Price: $500,000,000
Drops: Emerald

Iron Ingot Price: $6,781.68 Sell Price // $25,000 Buy Price

Blaze Spawner:
Spawner Price: $750,000,000
Drops: Blaze Rod

Gold Ingot Price: $10,500.67 Sell Price // $35,000 Buy Price

Witch Spawner:
Spawner Price: $850,000,000
Drops: Nether Star

Emerald Price: $12,297.45 Sell Price // $40,000 Buy Price

Creeper Spawner:
Spawner Price: $1,000,000,000
Drops: TnT

Nether Star Price: $14,966.47 Sell Price // $50,000 Buy Price

Worlds Information:
We have a total of 6 worlds. With a total of 24 corners. Read the spoiler below to find out more information.
World Border Information:

Overworld Border: 5,000 x 5,000
Melon Border: 2,500 x 2,500
Desert Border: 2,500 x 2,500
Rainbow Border: 2,500 x 2,500
Snow Border: 2,500 x 2,500
Wood Border: 2,500 x 2,500

Grace Information:
During the 5-Day Grace Period any form of creeper eggs, TnT, or any other type of explosion block is disabled during Grace. Spawner Tax will be disabled during this period and will be enabled when TnT enables.

SOTW Information:
During SOTW the following things will be disabled:
- /Wild Disabled First 30 Minutes
- Chat Muted First 5 Minutes

Other Information:
Fly is available for everyone including Wild Fly. You can find out all the Custom Enchants on the server by typing /enchants to view all enchantments or by typing /ce info to view what custom enchants go on what. To purchase a Custom Enchant book or other items type /ce. To view all upcoming events on Space type /events.

Space Kingdom Rules:
If you join the server you must obey these rules posted below. You are responsible for knowing the rules while playing.

Global Game Server Rules: https://royalcraft.co/threads/global-game-server-rules.460/
Client Modifications Rules: https://royalcraft.co/threads/client-modifications.461/
Space Kingdom Faction Rules: https://royalcraft.co/threads/space-kingdom-faction-rules.459/

Media/Staff Applications:
Interested in applying for YouTuber or Twitch rank with special perks? Or interested in applying for Helper rank? Click the link below to apply!
P.S. Do not forget to follow the format!

Media Application Link: https://royalcraft.co/forums/media-applications/
Staff Application Link: https://royalcraft.co/forums/staff-applications/
Discord Link: https://discord.royalcraft.co
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