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Announcement RoyalCraft Season 1!

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Nov 30, 2019
Hello Everyone!
If you are reading this Welcome to Season 1 of the New RoyalCraft, I'm happy to see so many supportive familiar faces back! That being said let's get right into it, we added tons of new features and patched a lot of issues with the shop and certain plugins. Since there are so many new features and such there will be a few minor bugs that we might have to balance along the way. Please do not hesitate to voice your opinions in the comments below because most like if it is a supported idea it will get changed or added to the server!

What we plan on adding During Season 1 And/Or in the future of RoyalCraft with your support

- Factions Duels
- Adding A Faction Rankup / Faction Boosters.
- Adding Back AON Keys
- Adding Bounties
- Adding Discord Ingame invite Rewards, i.e, every time you invite someone you get a crate key in-game

What was added or changed during the update:
- 1 Week Grace Period
- Added F TNT Bank
- Added 6 Total World, 24, Corner Claim!!! -- Rainbow, Aqua, Quartz, End, Overworld, Dessert!
- Added More GKits
- Added Void/Sell/collector Chests
- Redesign of the GUI of the Shop + Adding more items and making it look pretty
* Added wool and tons of decoration blocks as you guys were requesting
- Added Mob Bosses! Obtainable later this week after grace period
- Added a hub with /kit pvp So during server restarts you get sent back to the hub for something todo
- Added a Confirmation to Chunk Busters
- Added a 80% Sale Active now until New Years!
- Added A Koth schedule, Every Day at 12 pm when there are 40 people online
- Added Water/Ice Gen Buckets
- Added Trench Pickaxes
- Changed the way Custom Enchants used XP
- Added New Rewards to Supply Crates less armor and more rank vouchers ect
- Added a December Monthly Crate Available at (Jc123_ will be making a video displaying all of the items.)
- Fixed Inquisitive, It actually drops the correct amount of boosted XP depending on the level.
- Changed the way mobs stack and how drops are
- Fixed Water Buckets using the whole stack
- Fixed using Stacked Potions
- Fixed being able to Sell certain items that you shouldn't be able to sell, Ex, Magic Dust.
- Fixed combat logging and not being able to rejoin
- Fixed Pv's randomly changing items

Finally, If there is anything I missed or should add, Go ahead and add them in the comments below!
Again Thank you guys so much for being part of RoyalCraft, Thank you for all of the continuous support over these last few weeks and I hope we can grow as a community and make this server the best we can!

Owner Kurt_ <3
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