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Announcement RoyalCraft Reset! December 27th and 31st


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Nov 30, 2019
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RoyalCraft Reset December 27th & 31st!

Hey guys, This post is going to be clearing up some confusion about whats going on with the server! I know in the past week we had a pretty rough season due to small repetitive issues, and I would personally like to apologize to every single one of you. With that being said we are super excited to be releasing 2 Servers on the RoyalCraft network! Yes. Two servers!

The first server is going be called the "Royal Kingdom" and this is what the current server you are playing on is going to turn into, nothing about the server is going to change besides the name of it, Ranks and perks will all stay the same.

The second server is going to be called the "Space Kingdom" and this server is going to be our new custom enchants faction server, it will have some of the same core principals as the royal kingdom but with a few changes (listed below)

Server Info »
Royal Kingdom - Release December 31st @ 3 pm EST
Season Length 4 Weeks Max
- Regen walls enabled
- 5 Regen Wall Limit
- No Cannon Speed Limit
- Hourly Koth/Boss Fights
- Void Chests // Rather than those awful collectors
- Updated Printer plugin
- Block Durability // Obsidian: 25 Bedrock: 100
- No Mcmmo
- 24/7 Outposts
- Youtuber Jc123_
- $250 Weekly FTop Payout
- $1,000 End of season Payout

Space Kingdom - Release December 27th @ 3 pm EST
Season Length 4 Weeks Max
- Regens walls Disabled
- Cannon Sand limit // 50 sand per piston
- Block Durability // Obsidian: 50 Bedrock: 200
- Void Chests
- New Spawn build
- Updated Printer plugin
- New Custom Enchants Plugin
- Hourly Koth/Boss Fights
- 24/7 Outposts
- $250 Weekly FTop Payout
- $1,000 End of season Payout