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Media Applications Format & Guide


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Mar 31, 2020
Thanks for taking an interest in becoming a part of the Media Team on RoyalCraft!

To apply for the Media position, follow these following instructions carefully.

What to Expect:
We expect members of our Media Team to upload content from RoyalCraft to their channels at least once per week. Content must be entertaining and of an appropriate length. You'll be added to a Discord server where you'll post a link every time you upload a video for the server administrator to check. As a part of the Media Team, you'll have access to a channel in the public Discord server where you can announce your content to the server.

1. Go to the Media Applications sub-forum.
2. Create a new thread.
3. Title it your in-game name.
4. Paste the format into the thread.
5. Complete all the questions.
6. Create your thread.


What is your in-game name?

How old are you?

What is your Discord name? Please include your identifier.

What time zone are you in?

Provide a link to your channel.

How many views do you average per video? Include a screenshot of your Creator Studio statistics.

What is your average viewer retention? Include a screenshot of your viewer retention analytics from your past four videos.

How many subscribers do you have?

How many average views do you get per video?

Would you like to add anything else to your application?

You can reapply 1 week after being denied.

You should have a good general knowledge of the network as a whole.

Please be patient and do not create a new application if you still have one that hasn’t been responded to.

It is not within your best interest to ask for your application to be reviewed.

Any applications that don’t use the correct format, don’t include correct things (i.e. Discord identifier, incorrect username, incorrect time zone etc.), or are written in full: bold, italics, underlined etc. will be instantly denied. Take your time and make your application easy to read.

Good English and grammar are required throughout applications.

Your channel must have more than 250 Subscribers and an average of 150 views per video.

Your Twitch channel must have an Average of 80 Views per stream.

Once created, your application will not be reviewed instantly, and you may not receive a response for a long time if no server staff are needed. You will receive a reply to your application from the Manager at some point telling you whether or not your application was successful.
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