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Global Game Server Rules

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Mar 31, 2020
You are responsible for knowing the rules while playing RoyalCraft. "I didn't know that was a rule" is not a valid excuse.
If you have any suggestions about any rules feel free to make a suggestion in the discord!

Please note: Any Admin+ has the right to change the punishment to fit the rule that has been broken. This is to ensure that the best punishment is given in any situation. The rules can be changed at any time with no warning so please constantly check the rules.

Global Game Server Rules

Sending a word or phrase or sentence 3 times in a row is not allowed, which could flood chat. Also 5 messages in under 10 seconds is also not allowed. English is the only language allowed in the chat. The use of any other languages will be punished for under this rule.
Example of spam:
ColdSight21: ezpz x1
ColdSight21: ezpz x2
ColdSight21: ezpz x3

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 1-Hour mute
3rd Offense: 2-Hour mute
4th Offense: 4-Hour mute

Light Advertising:
Name dropping competing servers, posting links to unrelated content, posting unsafe links such as https://bit.ly/, etc. is considered light advertising. YouTubers/Twitch ranks are allowed to post their related server content in chat.

1st Offense:
2nd Offense: 2-Hour mute
3rd Offense: 6-Hour mute
4th Offense: 12-Hour mute

Inappropriate Language:
Inappropriate language covers any language that is not deemed appropriate. This includes, suicidal comments, sexual references. Discriminatory language does not come under this offense.

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 1-Hour mute
3rd Offense: 2-Hour mute
4th Offense: 6-Hour mute

Chat Filter Bypass:
Bypassing the chat filter with symbols, missing letters out so the swear censor does not pick it up.

1st Offense:
2nd Offense: 1-Hour mute
3rd Offense: 2-Hour mute
4th Offense: 6-Hour mute

This rule includes racial and homophobic slurs or language that is used to disrespect groups of a certain ethnicity, gender, etc.

1st Offense: 8-Hour mute
2nd Offense: 16-Hour mute
3rd Offense: 24-Hour mute

Suicidal Encouragement:
Any use of language used to threaten and/or wish someone to hurt themselves or a member of their family/friends is strictly not allowed.

1st Offense:
4-Hour mute
2nd Offense: 8-Hour mute
3rd Offense: 12-Hour mute

Staff Impersonation:
Impersonating a staff member is strictly prohibited. For example making your /nick close to a staff member's name.

1st Offense: Warning

2nd Offense: 1-Day ban
3rd Offense: 3-Day ban

Directly advertising another server by posting any relating links to it in chat. This includes the server’s: IP, website address, Discord server link, etc.

Punishment: Permanent Mute

Mute Evasion (Accounts):
Evading a mute punishment by attempting to communicate with other players in-game by using another account that is not muted.

Punishment: 1-day mute for the alternate account.

Mute Evasion (In-Game Bypass):
Evading a mute punishment by attempting to communicate with other players in-game by using signs, renaming pets, etc.

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 3-Hour ban
3rd Offense: 6-Hour ban
4th Offense: 12-Hour ban

Command Abuse:
Using commands that you have access to for purposes they were not intended for. Command spam is included in the rule as commands are not intended to be spammed. For example spamming /helpop.

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 1-Hour ban
3rd Offense: 2-Hour ban
4th Offense: 6-Hour ban

Inappropriate Builds:
Building any inappropriate structures is not allowed. For example building a “dick.”

1st Offense:
1-Day ban
2nd Offense: 3-Day ban
3rd Offense: 7-Day ban

Bug Abuse:
When a bug is found, it is the player’s responsibility to report the bug to a member of staff. Using the bug to your advantage either, give you a competitive advantage or for fun falls under this rule. You can either /msg a staff member in-game or create a ticket in discord to report a bug.

1st Offense: Warning (If disregarded then moved to 2nd Offense)
2nd Offense: 1-Day ban
3rd Offense: 3-Day ban
4th Offense: 7-Day ban

Scamming is not permitted. Players misrepresenting items for sale, offering to give an item in payment for actions and not following through when able, bait and switch, are all examples of scamming. This includes renaming/misrepresenting items as if they are something they are not in the Auction House.

1st Offense: 2-Day ban
2nd Offense: 4-Day ban
3rd Offense: 7-Day ban

IRL/Cross-Server Trading:
Trading in-game items for real-life items, such as money, or items on other servers. Trading in-game items for the server’s store packages is allowed.

1st Offense:
2nd Offense: 1-Hour mute
3rd Offense: 1-Day ban
4th Offense: 3-Day ban
5th Offense: 7-Day ban

Illegal Modifications:
The use of a hacked client, with or without any cheats activated, any blacklisted modification, or any approved modification which does not abide by its relative restrictions. If you refuse to
screen-share when required, you will be banned under this rule. Admitting to cheating is posted under this rule.

1st Offense:
14-Day ban
2nd Offense: Permanent ban

Admitting to using Illegal Modifications:
Admitting to illegal modifications after being frozen will result in a shorter ban.

Punishment: 7 day ban

Refusal to Screen Share:
Refusing to screen share to a staff member after being frozen is not allowed. This rule also includes not joining the screen share room & disconnecting/leaving the screen share after being frozen.

Punishment: Whatever the staff member froze you for.

Trolling While Being Frozen/Screen-shared:
Any kind of trolling while being frozen or screen-shared of any kind is not allowed. This includes talking about random stuff in-game and trying to work your way around from getting screen-shared. You also cannot delay the ss in any way.

Punishment: 14-Day ban (Or whatever they were frozen for)

Modifying Files/Logs While Frozen:
Deleting and/or editing anything after you have been frozen is strictly prohibited. This rule includes editing your recycle bin and/or unplugging a USB and/or modifications to the .minecraft folder.

Punishment: 14-Day Ban

If Player Did Not Admit And Then Was Caught With Cheats:
If a player did not admit to cheating and cheats were found in the SS then the ban will be longer.

Punishment: 30-Day Ban

Lying To A Staff Member:
Deliberately lying to a staff member for any gain is prohibited.

Punishment: 2-Day Ban

Any form of glitching or exploiting anything on the server is not allowed. This rule includes attempting to dupe and duping.

Punishment: Permanent Ban

Lag Machine:
Anything that is used to maliciously deteriorate the server experience such as a lag machine is not allowed.

Punishment: Permanent Ban

Inappropriate IGNs/Skins:
Having an IGN that breaks any chat rules or a skin that has inappropriate images or words.

Punishment: Permanent Ban until changed (Appeal once changed)

Ban Evasion:
Using another account, which isn’t banned, to evade an active ban on another account. Using a VPN to evade a ban evasion is not allowed.

Punishment: Permanent Ban to associated accounts.

Mass Ban Evasion:
Having 5 or more associated accounts that are banned will result in your accounts being IP-Banned.

Punishment: IP-Ban

Using accounts to bot the server where "bot" refers to controlling multiple accounts to perform specific actions such as spamming chat, dropping kits, or moving around an area. The use of a botting client is permitted, but only to have accounts connected to the network - no features of the client may be used.

Punishment: Permanent IP-Ban

DDoS/IP Grabbing:
Attempting or threatening to DDoS a player on the network. Attempting to grab a player’s IP by any means falls under this offense.

Punishment: Blacklist

Releasing personal information of another player or blackmailing someone with personal information or threatening to, regardless of whether said “information” exists. Sending any personal information, without the person's permission, with no context to any player, including the player, is included in this offense.

Punishment: Blacklist
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