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Mar 31, 2020
This thread will outline the rules for the forums and punishments.
On the forums, warning points are used as a punishment. When a user totals 3 warning points, they will be permanently banned from the forums.

Punishment: 1 Warning Point and Thread Lock
Necroposting is posting a comment on a thread that hasn’t been commented on in one week.

Post Farming
Punishment: 1 Warning Point and Post Deletes/Merge
Post farming is where you comment useless things and/or create useless threads that are totally nothing to do with the section of the forums that you have posted it in all in an effort to increase your post count.

Like/Dislike Farming
Punishment: 1 Warning Point and Removal of Likes/Dislikes
Like/Dislike farming is where you spam like/dislike, but not limited to, one user’s posts. Only like the comments/threads you actually like.

Excessive use of Capital Letters/Text Formatting
Punishment: 1 Warning Point and Post Edit
Disrupting the chat by using an unnecessary number of capital letters consecutively or in one message is a nuisance for other players to have to read. Keep capital letters to a minimum (e.g. starts of sentences or names). Refrain from creating threads or comments with lots or too much text formatting.

Light Advertising
Punishment: 1 Warning Point and Post Delete/Edit
Name dropping competing servers, posting links to unrelated content, posting unsafe links such as https://bit.ly/, etc. is considered light advertising. Posting server IPs and attempting to take players away from the server does not come under this category.

Punishment: 1 Warning Point and Post Delete/Edit
Bypassing disallowed words with symbols, missing letters out. There is no "threshold" for how similar a word has to be (i.e. there is nothing saying that f**k is allowed but f*ck is). Common sense will have to be applied when abiding by this rule.

Inappropriate Language
Punishment: 1 Warning Point and Post Delete/Edit
Inappropriate language covers any language that is not deemed appropriate. This includes, but not limited to, suicidal comments, drug references, sexual references, and generally inappropriate comments. Discriminatory language does not come under this offence.

Punishment: 2 Warning Points and Post Delete/Edit
This rule includes but is not limited to racial and homophobic slurs or language that is used to disrespect groups of a certain ethnicity, gender, etc.

Inappropriate Names/Profile Pictures
Punishment: 3 Warning Points and Profile Edit
Any names or skins that would be deemed inappropriate are not allowed on the forums.

Punishment: 3 Warning Points and Post Delete
Advertising is an attempt at taking players away from RoyalCraft and/or giving out the IP address. It is also not permitted to post any links that are not guaranteed to take you to a safe website such as ‘bit.ly’ links. These links could have malicious intent. It is also forbidden to post any link that isn’t related to the server.

Ban Evasion
Punishment: 3 Warning Points
Using another account, which isn’t banned, to evade an active ban on another account.

DDoS/IP Grabbing
Punishment: Banned & Post Deleted
Attempting or threatening to DDoS a player on the network. Attempting to grab a player’s IP by any means falls under this offence.

Punishment: Banned & Post Deleted
Releasing personal information of another player or blackmailing someone with personal information or threatening to, regardless of whether said “information” exists. Sending any personal information, without the person's permission, with no context to any player, including the player, is included in this offence.
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