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Discord Rules

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Mar 31, 2020
You are responsible for knowing the rules while playing RoyalCraft. "I didn't know that was a rule" is not a valid excuse.
If you have any suggestions about rules feel free to make a ticket or type !suggest in discord!

Discord Rules

Posting comments in the chat purely to disrupt and spam it is considered spam. Things that come under this offence include, but are not limited to, posting song lyrics, posting 3+ similar messages within a short space of time, posting 5+ similar messages in a longer period of time, and having 11+ consecutive characters in a message.
Punishment: 1-Hour mute

Light Advertising:
Name dropping competing servers, posting links to unrelated content, posting unsafe links such as https://bit.ly/, etc. is considered light advertising. Posting server IPs and attempting to take players away from the server does not come under this category.
Punishment: 2-Hour mute

Inappropriate Language:
Inappropriate language covers any language that is not deemed appropriate. This includes, but not limited to drug references, sexual references, and generally inappropriate comments. Discriminatory language does not come under this offense.
Punishment: 2-Hour mute

Bypassing disallowed words with symbols, missing letters out. There is no "threshold" for how similar a word has to be (i.e. there is nothing saying that f**k is allowed but f*ck is).
Punishment: 2-Hour mute

This rule includes but is not limited to racial and homophobic slurs or language that is used to disrespect groups of a certain ethnicity, gender, etc.
Punishment: 1-Day mute

Suicidal Endorsement:
Encouraging suicide or talking about suicidal-related subjects. Applicable acronyms will be punished under this rule.
Punishment: 1-Day mute

Directly advertising another server by posting any relating links to it in chat. This includes the server’s: IP, website address, Discord server link, etc.
Punishment: Permanent Ban

Noise Pollution:
Spam joining channels/channel hopping, mic spamming, playing music and creating constant notification sounds is classed as noise pollution.
Punishment: 12-Hour ban

Punishment Evasion:
Evading a mute punishment by attempting to communicate with other users with another account, changing your name, custom status, etc.
Punishment: 1-Day ban for alternate account.

DDoS/IP Grabbing:
Attempting or threatening to DDoS a player on the network. Attempting to grab a player’s IP by any means falls under this offense.
Punishment: Permanent Ban

Releasing personal information of another player or blackmailing someone with personal information or threatening to, regardless of whether said “information” exists. Sending any personal information, without the person's permission, with no context to any player, including the player, is included in this offense.
Punishment: Permanent Ban
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