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CollegeApps Helper Application (Pending Interview)


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Jan 8, 2020
1) IGN: CollegeApps

2) Discord: CollegeApps#0001

3) Region: NA

4) Timezone: CST

5) Age: 17

6) Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone?
Yessir I do

7) Do you have a 2 factor authentication application on your phone or device?

8) Do you have the ability to record minecraft video?
I do

9) How much time do you have to contribute to the role?
I can moderate chat almost anytime during the day but every night I have a good 3-4 hours to help on the server and on weekends I have upwards of 4.

10) Why should we accept you as staff on RoyalCraft?
I believe that I have a significant amount of knowledge that is not readily available to the average factions player. By this I mean that I am very familiar with cannoning and cannoning rules. In addition to this I have played several comp faction maps on Demonic, Heroic, Ostia, Archon and Mineheroes. All these traits add to my merit and would make me a valuable member of the staff team. Additionally, my experience as staff on other servers has gotten me familiar with the config side of being a server administrator as I had previously considered myself a player side admin. My past experience has also allowed me to expand my knowledge with screen-sharing and appropriate behavior in regards to such.

11) Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?
Last year I really fucked up in school, I wont get in depth into it or anything as it is very personal, but to be quaint I had a substitute teacher for like 4months and told myself that there was no way my new teacher would actually grade 4 months of assignments that we were assigned while the school was searching for a new teacher. But turns out, she did. As a result I had a 64 in the class for about 3 weeks and had to grind my ass off to fix the mistakes I had made. This experience taught me firstly to not underestimate a teacher's ability to grade hundreds of assignments in a 2 week period but also that i need to live up to my responsibilities and take the consequences if I cannot.

12) Why do you want to be staff on RoyalCraft?
I love helping people. It is one of my favorite things to do. Being staff on a server allows me to keep the community free of people who are trying to take advantage of illegal modifications or abuse server rules. Additionally, I love being part of a team. The team aspect of a new server is one of my favorite parts of being staff and If you do choose to accept my application I believe I would make a good addition.

13) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?
Yes, I am soon to be a D1 Swimmer. Swimming takes up almost all of my time outside of school and minecraft so that's about it.

14) Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience?
Yes, IRL I am captain of my swim team and partake in many volunteer activities.

15) Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one?
This is my first application.

16) SCENARIO: Suppose you see a staff member who is higher than you Cheating or abusing What would you do?
Alert owners or make a point that it is not okay unless it is for the purpose of testing the Anti-cheat for some reason. I would sacrifice my position as staff in an instant if it meant maintaining a abuse free server.

17) SCENARIO: Suppose someone logs on the server and starts griefing What would you do?
Firstly, I would post proof into the staff channels that correspond to it. Secondly I would take action on the player by ./banning them or doing whatever I can to the extent of my permissions.

18) SCENARIO: Suppose a staff members account becomes compromised and their "Hacked" account logs on the server What would you do?
If I knew that the player was hacked I would temporarily ban them to prevent any harm from being done to the server. Once we confirm that the account is back in the hands of the staff member in question I would proceed to unban them.

19) Do you agree that you will not leak staff chat?
I do.

20) Do you understand you can not be staff on 2 servers?
I am currently administrator on another server. However, this will not effect my time commitment.

21) Do you agree to not be toxic on the server?
I do, I have a lot of experience with difficult players.

22) Do you agree if you abuse your staff powers you will not only be demoted but IP Banned and Blacklisted from RoyalCraft?
I agree.

23) Are you involved in Ddosing?
Never have been never will be.

24) Anything else we should know?
I own a personal copy of paladin, the most advanced screenshare tool available on the open market today. This makes me a useful asset in screen-sharing suspected hackers. In addition to this, I am experienced with manually screen-sharing people as I did before I discovered paladin.

P.S. I wrote more for this than most of my college short answer questions lol


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Staff member
Dec 5, 2019
Please note that applications are only for Helper positions at the current time.

Thread title has been updated.


Management Team
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Jan 15, 2020
Greetings @CollegeApps,

I'm here to inform you that your application is on the current stages of pending interview
If you'd like to add my discord @ Sellinq#7859 , and we can get to know each other a bit and furthermore I can interview you from their.

Thanks for taking the time to apply and hope to see you contact me!

Best Regards
RoyalCraft Management Team