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Client Modifications

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Mar 31, 2020
You are responsible for knowing the rules while playing RoyalCraft. "I didn't know that was a rule" is not a valid excuse.
If you have any suggestions about rules feel free to make a ticket or type !suggest in discord!
If a client modification is not in the "allowed mods" list, assume it is not allowed.

Screen Sharing/Frozen rules:

Refusal to Screen Share:
Refusing to screen share to a staff member after being frozen is not allowed. This rule also includes not joining the screen share room & disconnecting/leaving the screen share after being frozen.
Punishment: Whatever the staff member froze you for.

Admitting to Cheating:
Admitting to illegal modifications after being frozen will result in a shorter ban.
Punishment: 7 day ban

Allowed Modifications:

- Optifine
- Forge
- Schematica
- World Download
- BreadCrumbs
- Better Sprint
- Direction/Armor/Potion Status Huds:
- 5zig
- LabyMod
- bspkrs
- InGameInfoXML
- LiteLoader
- Damage indicators (Not allowed to show gear or similar)
- Minimaps
- Minimaps that show players/mobs/cave systems are not allowed.
- Shaders
- Replay Mod
- TabbyChat
- Console Client
- Faction lever/button bot for cannoning

- Chunkborders
- Fly Boost

Disallowed Modifications:

- Hacked/Cracked Clients
- BetterPvP
- Macros/Auto-Clicking/Scripts
- OQMinebot
- X-Ray Texture Packs
- Ghost Clients
- Misc. Mods
- Any mods/clients that could gain advantage of a player is a bannable offense.
- Scentors

- Scripting
- Debounce time of 9ms or lower (For Mouses)
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