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Accepted Antepartum Staff Application

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Staff member
Mar 24, 2020
1) IGN (Please also include your name MC Link): Antepartum- I've just recently came back too MC after a long time away. I don't remember my name MC.

2) Discord (example ChaoticKiller#7114): Ant#7771

3) Region: United States

4) Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

5) Age (You must be at least 16 to apply for staff): 21 years old

6) Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone? Yes

7) Do you have a 2 factor authentication application on your phone or device? (Required in order to be staff) Yes

8) Do you have the ability to record minecraft video?.) Yes

9) How much time do you have to contribute to the role? In the last 2 days I've spend 12 hours on the server. Now that is the time I've contributed during all this coronavirus issues. Once this is all resolved and my work is back in progress these hours will change. I will try to spend an hour or 2 on the weekdays, and as for weekends hours will also vary but should be more than the weekdays.

10) Why should we accept you as staff on RoyalCraft (minimum of 200 words)? Honestly, I am not perfect but I do know what I bring to the table when applying for positions like this. I feel that you should accept me for a number of well reasoned answers, for one my ability to be a mature helpful hand in any situation. I've dealt with a lot of situations reguarding players needing a helping hand as well as someone to sit down with people individually and work out issues. I feel that you should accept me as a member of you're team because I am always fair and honest when it comes to my work inside Minecraft as well as in an outside role of game play. I know that if you accept me players will be able to count on me to be a helpful lending hand when issues arise. I always put my job before game play as someone should always do. I am a very responsible and respected staff member in my personal opinion. I also feel I should be given a chance to work with RoyalCraft because of my past work I have done (though that doesn't always play a role in decision making) I do feel like it adds to why I would be a good candidate for this position.

11) Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? I am not sure if this is pertaining to a Minecraft mistake, or a mistake made within our daily lives. I am going to take this as just a mistake in general. About a few months ago I was at my job I currently am still employed at working on one of the cars our customers brought in. I finished working on the car so I drove it outside onto the lot where all finished cars are placed. Now this car was stick drive. Our car lot is placed at a slightly angled tilt. I thought I had the car in park but once I got out of the car it started rolling down the hill a bit (lol). It ended up hitting one of our light posts outside. I fixed this issue by calling our customer and informing them what happened. I told them all damages will be fixed and their I will cover 50 percent of their initial bill payment.

12) Why do you want to be staff on RoyalCraft (minimum of 100 words)? Well there is a variety of reasons I would like to join the staff team. The first reason being this is what I like to do. When I was fully engaged in Minecraft a few years ago staffing and running my own servers were my main priorities and just simply what I enjoyed doing. I have been with Royalcraft honestly since they opened a few years back. I was never a well known player but I enjoyed the server very much. I was always busy with my other servers and staffing positions to ever try and put time into the RoyalCraft. I would like to be a helping staff member on here not only because this is a very nice server in my opinion but I like helping people and being able to be taken as a leading in players eyes. I would also like to become an important part of your team because this is the only server I actually play on and enjoy now a days.

13) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft? Well, everyday Monday-Friday I hit the gym right after work. Working out a good hobby too me. I also do boxing classes on weekends at one of my cities boxing and mix material arts classes (UFC Gym). I like being outside as well I'm very fond of fishing which I try to get out and do once a week if possible.

14) Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? Yes, I have a very extensive back round in moderation/leadship roles. I am going to briefly describe my roles and what servers they were. If you need more information on these or picture proof or owners discords I have them available.
InvasionPvP- Administrator ( Picture proof and Owner discords)
Space Realms- Senior Mod ( Picture proof and Owner discords)
DeniedPvP- Owner ( I owned this server with KBSGamer, Youtuber by the name of Chriskillerq recorded and streamed for us at the time.)
XethonHub- Network Admin ( Not much proof as I was like 14 years old when this occurred)
Original Levaria- Mod ( Might have some picture proof, also have owners discords)
PantherHQ- Moderator- HCF Server
Proelium Factions- Head-Mod
RetronixMC- Staff Management- (Owner discord and picture proof)
ExileHCF/PVP- Head Administrator
There are a bit more that I had over the years. These are servers I have played and staffed on since around 2015. If you do have more questions about any of these I will gladly hop in a call and speak about it. I have been away from Minecraft for quite sometime so a lot of these servers are a few years dated.

15) Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one? No, I have not made any previous staff positions applications before. If I did it would have been around the time RoyalCraft became an actual server.

16) SCENARIO: Suppose you see a staff member who is higher than you Cheating or abusing What would you do? I would record this happening or if I saw this happening report it to someone who is of equal power or higher standing then the accused staff member.

17) SCENARIO: Suppose someone logs on the server and starts griefing What would you do? Well, if they are griefing the spawn or actually server itself, I would give out a ban, and report this issue to a higher authority than myself.

18) SCENARIO: Suppose a staff members account becomes compromised and their "Hacked" account logs on the server What would you do? I would ban this account. Report to someone higher and let them deal with that issue at hand.

19) Do you agree that you will not leak staff chat? Yes.

20) Do you understand you can not be staff on 2 servers? Yes, I am not apart of any current staff teams or servers.

21) Do you agree to not be toxic on the server? Yes

22) Do you agree if you abuse your staff powers you will not only be demoted but IP Banned and Blacklisted from RoyalCraft? Yes

23) Are you involved in Ddosing? No

24) Anything else we should know? Nope, thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.


Management Team
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Dec 10, 2019

Your application has been accepted, make sure to contact me on the discord (Protous#9639),
to discuss an interview date.

RoyalCraft Management Team

Manager Protous
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