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    What is your username?

    What is your username?
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    Announcement Space Kingdom 2.0 S2 Change-log

    Space Kingdom 2.0 Season 2 Change-Log Hello everyone, I am here to give you the full list of changes we have made for Space Kingdom 2.0 Season 2. The following list only includes things we Added, Fixed or updated this is not a list of features. What we added. - New Raiding Outpost - July 2020...
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    Announcement Space Kingdom 2.0 Season 2

    Space Kingdom 2.0 Season 2 Hello, I am here to give you all of the information for Space Kingdom 2.0 Season 2. This includes the reset date, release date, change-log and new updated rules. Now I know it is sad to see it go but hey we are coming back very soon so don't worry. For July and July...
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    Announcement Update #1 - Bosses, March Space Crate and 50# SALE

    HELLO GAMERS, We're excited to bring you a little update this Season leading up to the release of Space Kingdom! 50% OFF STORE WIDE SALE! (store.royalcraft.co) IP royalcraft.co MC 1.7.10 - 1.15 What's New? Bosses - Grim Reaper Boss Custom Armor Sets - Reaper Set - Koth Custom armor...