12/01/19 @ 1pm PT


Staff Member
Staff member
- Fixed Nether Roof Glitch, you can now tp to the nether "roof" and build up to 255
- Fixed chat name colors, every rank has a special name color now
- Fixed chat message spacing
- Fixed and buffed vote party rewards
- Added Supply Crates to trigger every hour when there are 15+ people online
- Added Sell wands to shop under basegrind
- Added Horizontal Lava Gen Buckets

Work in Progress:
- Adding GKits Back
- Adding Koth rewards and a schedule
- Adding sell wants
- Fixing VoteParty rewards
- Adding auto sell chests
- Adding /trade
- Adding a factions rankup system
- Formated name color in chat
- Fixing Vote link #7
- Getting a Custom Theme for fourms
- Adding an ingame Report system
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