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    Hello, RoyalCraft community today is an exciting day! I am proud to announce that the servers OP Faction CE and OP Factions will be resetting and opening at 3 PM EST on Friday the 24th!

    Reset Count Down Clock
    Click me!

    Changes that were made to CE

    Added Factions Rank up plugin - usage /f rankup
    10 different faction levels that over you a variety of perks

    Decided against making lava scatterable and custom TNT,
    all cannon features stayed the same

    Added Bedrock Gen Buckets to shop for 50 million for 64, and
    changed obsidian gen buckets price from
    8 million to 24 million

    Ban List Cleared on ALL Server and now all bans are linked between CE, Semi, and OP

    New /list to see what staff are online more clearly

    Tons of new Trails added to the buycraft, buy them before anyone else!

    Printer now fully works with the new anti-cheat!!!!

    We added 20 chunk buffer announcements so everyone knows now

    General Color Scheme changed to have a cleaner look for the server

    Rage, Doubble Damage, and Disarmor, are now disabled

    Mobs now have custom mob drops, Creepers drop TNT, villagers drop emeralds,
    Cows drop diamonds, Blazes drop $15 per kill

    New Warps: /warp End & /warp Nether

    Better prizes inside of all of the supply crates. Including ranks, TNT, fill special perks, Gkits

    Daily KOTHs at 12 Pm EST

    Who is hype??????

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