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    New Info: Follow the RoyalCraft, Instagram & Twitter For Secret Giveaways

    Updates: Featherboad updated on all servers, Hub pvp being updated and anticheat being added, scoreboard being re added to hub, AAC remove from CE, and New anticheat added to op factions

    Staff Promotions: Irapacious promoted to Srmod, Dorito_Gaming promoted to SrHelper, Oskis promoted to SrHelper

    And Last, I would like to introduce our new full-time Dev, Potters!

    "Hello, I’m Potters, the new RoyalCraft Developer.
    I’m excited and looking forward to what I can bring to the network and home to advance it to the next stage of its long life!"

    Q: What Time Zone am I in?
    A: I am in the GMT time zone

    Q: How old are you?
    A: I am 15 years old

    Q: how long have you been playing factions?
    A: I have been playing factions for 2 almost 3 years
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