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Jan 12, 2018
    1. Olivia
      Kurt, I got banned for no reason I just bought a bunch of emeralds then sold them for a bunch of money then EightDigits banned me(my i.g. name is OliviaWinx BTW)
    2. Shacolado
      why i got banned??
    3. Jay Park
      Jay Park
      My name is SoaringJew this is the second time this has happened. I was "a-d"ing back and forth just spamming left click farming my blazes while watching youtube and I got banned, someone please look into this other people have had this problem as well.
    4. Maluku
      Hey Kurt, i bought a unban and it says that im still banned can you fix it? It feels for me that i lost 18 dollars
    5. gankplayz
      Can you fix your anticheat
    6. gankplayz
      I got banned for printing a cannon
    7. Shadeyzz
      Hi kurt its me shadeyzz, i wont be on the server for a couple more days due to i broke my keyboard and im getting one soon.
    8. RealTBNRlrtzy
      Hey Kurt_ I can’t get into op factions. I️ can get into hub but not the server because it says already connecting. Please help
      1. Kurt_
        the issue has been resolved <3
        Nov 26, 2017
    9. OhhStrafinqq
      hey kurt_
      I cant Get into the op Factions cuz i got combat tagged and kicked. But i can get into hub but not the server its just saying already connecting Please help me fix this -Regards OhhStrafinqq
      1. Kurt_
        the issue has been resolved.
        Nov 26, 2017
    10. NSKv
      thank you Kurt for the reply.
    11. NSKv
      hey there kurt, As you may or may not know I'm nskvlogs99 and was wondering how do I apply for staff as I am very excited to see that you guys are bringing back royal. As I wanted to come back and be able to enjoy and play the server I am willing to participate in anything to do for the server. Just msg me or email me what I can do to be able to apply for staff, Thank you.
      1. Kurt_
        Hello, as of right now, we are not accepting any staff. As soon as applications open there will be a forums post for it, or there will be a video on jc's youtube channel.
        Oct 28, 2017
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