Hello, RoyalCraft community today is an exciting day! I am proud to announce that the servers OP Faction CE and OP Factions will be resetting and opening at 3 PM EST on Friday the 24th!

Reset Count Down Clock
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Changes that were made to CE

Added Factions Rank up plugin - usage /f rankup
10 different faction levels that over you a variety of perks

Decided against making lava scatterable and custom TNT,
all cannon features stayed the same

Added Bedrock Gen Buckets to shop for 50 million for 64, and
changed obsidian gen buckets price from
8 million to 24 million

Ban List Cleared on ALL Server and now all bans are linked between CE, Semi, and OP

New /list to see what staff are online more clearly

Tons of new Trails added to the buycraft, buy them before anyone else!

Printer now fully works with the new anti-cheat!!!!

We added 20 chunk buffer announcements so everyone knows now

General Color Scheme changed to have a cleaner look for the server

Rage, Doubble Damage, and Disarmor, are now disabled

Mobs now have custom mob drops, Creepers drop TNT, villagers drop emeralds,
Cows drop diamonds, Blazes drop $15 per kill

New Warps: /warp End & /warp Nether

Better prizes inside of all of the supply crates. Including ranks, TNT, fill special perks, Gkits

Daily KOTHs at 12 Pm EST

Who is hype??????

Hello! This is just a quick announcement to tell you that Op Factions CE will be closing tomorrow, Monday @ about 12 PM to prepare for this reset. It will be re-opening Friday at 12 PM. More information and sneak peeks will be released this week on the updates on the server and what is happening. -Kurt_
This is a list of all of our Gaming / Social Media Groups

Twitter: @RoyalCraftInc

Instagram: @RoyalCraftInc

Snapchat: @RoyalCraft

Facebook: @RoyalCraftLTD

Snapchat: @RoyalCraftInc

Clash Royale Clan: Rhymargin


New Info: Follow the RoyalCraft, Instagram & Twitter For Secret Giveaways

Updates: Featherboad updated on all servers, Hub pvp being updated and anticheat being added, scoreboard being re added to hub, AAC remove from CE, and New anticheat added to op factions

Staff Promotions: Irapacious promoted to Srmod, Dorito_Gaming promoted to SrHelper, Oskis promoted to SrHelper

And Last, I would like to introduce our new full-time Dev, Potters!

"Hello, I’m Potters, the new RoyalCraft Developer.
I’m excited and looking forward to what I can bring to the network and home to advance it to the next stage of its long life!"

Q: What Time Zone am I in?
A: I am in the GMT time zone

Q: How old are you?
A: I am 15 years old

Q: how long have you been playing factions?
A: I have been playing factions for 2 almost 3 years
Welcome to RoyalCraft's new website!

New Info: The server now has a twitter, an Instagram, a facebook page, and a youtube Channel!

Congratulations to Jc123, for hitting 1,900 subs!

News: The old forums will be getting deleted and permanently removed after this site is completely finished, also the email server on this website is broken at the moment so you will not be able to register a new account. All staff applications on the old site will be reviews and either accepted or denied from this point on. No new applications will be reviewed thank you for your cooporation.

Servers: Right now OP prisons is being built by the managers of Semi OP, so stay tuned for that server release!